Improving the lives of residents and business owners in the Vernon Central Neighborhood.

The power of CRCD’s work can be seen in the lives of young people who gain high school diplomas, go to college, earn paychecks, move into stable and high-quality housing, and revitalize their own community. The transformation of neglected, under-utilized buildings into neighborhood treasures, as happened with the Dunbar Hotel, shows the effectiveness of CRCD’s place-based approach. As people come together to live, work, and play in the neighborhood spaces created through CRCD initiatives, projects, and programs, and return South Los Angeles to its vibrant origins as a place where working families can thrive, CRCD and our partners are ready to redouble our efforts. We are excited to share with you just some of CRCD’s recent successes that will illustrate the great things to come as we roll out our 2014-2019 strategic plan.

Please enjoy, and share our stories:
CRCD Voices_Spring 2014