Our Strategy: Neighborhood-Based Community Development

CRCD’s overall approach is neighborhood-based community development.  CRCD has a long-term commitment to improve the quality of life in South LA’s Vernon-Central neighborhood.  We have meaningful ties to local residents, businesses, community-based organizations, and other neighborhood institutions; a respect for local history; and a collaborative approach to supporting the community’s vision for the future.

CRCD is youth-centered. We have a comprehensive approach to serving young people:

  • First, we assist youth and young adults to further their education, pursue career pathways, and meet basic needs
  • Second, we address the longstanding neighborhood conditions where young people reside – such as poverty, unemployment, public safety issues, and the lack of affordable housing
  • Third, we engage in genuine collaborations to improve the policies and systems impacting young people’s lives, such as education, justice, and foster care

CRCD collaborates with diverse partners including young people, residents, businesses, community-based organizations such as All Peoples Community Center, educational institutions such as Los Angeles Trade Technical College, national organizations such as YouthBuild USA, local government, the justice & foster care systems, foundations, corporations, donors, and others.  In partnership with others who share our mission, CRCD is changing lives, building neighborhoods responsibly.